Daniel Woolley

Hello The Internet, Permission to come aboard?

Hiya internet people

my names Daniel,
I write things,
lots of things,
& lots of different kinds of things,
but mostly things called comic books.
(Or graphic novels, whatever, I’m not strict with the terminology)

My first one to get published (thanks to the fine folks at ANA comics by the by) has just now  hit the shelves and is available online.

So I decided I needed a place online where I could get the word out to the comic book community everywhere,
A place to let you get to know me a little and hopefully get to know you all a little too.

…and yes hawk my wares like beer at a ballgame: Soda! popcorn! crackerjacks and Indy Comics! get em here and get em while they’re hot! (check the links for ordering info)

Anyway this site is what I and my oh-so-talented web mistress came up with.

Be honest, what do you think?
I picked out the linoleum myself.

I hope you enjoy the site I’ll try my damnedest to make it a fun place to waste a little time online when you’re not looking at lolcats or farming rutabagas on facebook.

More stuff coming.


No, seriously, right below here.

One Response to “Hello The Internet, Permission to come aboard?”

  1. Issac Maez says:

    Nice website dude keep it up