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I’m very excited to announce that my book, “Cyberpoint” is now available on graphicly.com, as well as on facebook and all the major marketplaces (itunes, kindle, etc.) It’s only $2 for the 3 issue collection of the first storyline because honestly I’m more interested in as many people reading it as possible then I am in trying to make money, because it‘s my favorite thing that I‘ve written to date.

The story originates from some of my favorite Science fiction themes. It takes place in a future where cybernetic implants exist and make life but only the the privileged and wealthy can afford them. Our protagonist, Will, is a normal middle class guy who wins a contest to get his own enhancement. When he goes in for the operation he comes face to face with the dark underside of society’s advancement And ends up forced to be the one to try and set things right.

I don’t want to reveal too much of the plot so you can enjoy watching the story unfold but I will give you a little insight into the cast.

Will: Really just an average guy the type you wouldn’t give a second glance, and certainly not the guy you’d pick to have to save the world. He does however have a couple heroic personality traits. First and foremost he always wants to be better then he is, it’s this drive for self-improvement that involves him in the first place. Secondly he’s loyal to a fault. For anyone who doesn’t have a high opinion of themselves and constantly wants to improve, friends who like you regardless of your faults are to be defended, fiercely.

Steve: Will’s best friend and snarky comic relief to his straight man, but that snark covers a lot of intelligence and keen insight. Slacker? Hacker? Criminal Mastermind? Two out of the Three, take a guess.

Amy: Will’s other best friend and a woman of taste and true mystery. Not a lot is revealed about her yet. She’s named after a good friend of mine, if you knew her you’d know a lot about the secrets of the character

Ellie: Will might be the protagonist of the story but It’s Ellie who is the hero, she might start out in need of saving, but trust me, 9 times out of 10 when someone needs to kick ass or take charge, she’d the one to do it.

anyway please check it out if you get a chance, even if you don’t feel like buying it just going to graphicly, reading the preview and liking/commenting on it would be a huge help.

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