Daniel Woolley

Well That Was a Year of Hosting Fees Well Spent.

February 2nd, 2012

As it turns out of the 9 jobs involved in being an indy writer, this is the one I’m most comfortable ignoring.

But well, note to self, get over it. Keeping a web presence is important, if you don’t then all the people who might want to buy your stuff will have no idea when the next issues out, what the next project is, or that any of it exists at all. In that spirit I promise regular posts on the threat of severe self inflected qwerty head trauma. That’s right, either I will pound the keyboard, or the keyboard will pound me. My pledge to you.

So, like I said in my first post I’ll try to make this site as fun and entertaining as I can to balance the horrible self indulgence of having my own website. I have a few neat ideas which I’m toying with, we’ll see how they turn out. Also the links will all be finished soon, there’s something kind of big in the works that I want to have resolved before I put the “buy” link up.

Anyway, See you soon. (and this time I mean it.) and until then I’ll leave you with yours truly, contemplating a modern art installation in Vegas.

I don't get it.